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Family Love

It has been an awesome 18 hours so far with my family here. Like I said yesterday, my Australian experience has been totally enhanced by the opportunity to share it with the people that I love. I only wish that everyone could come to visit!!

When Ben was here, he kept mentioning that he recognized places that I took him, not because he had been there, but because I had sent and posted pictures of those places. I am curious to see if my parents and brother say the same thing tomorrow.

Today was so much fun. I introduced them to the awesome Melbourne café culture. We stopped at a restaurant called Dukes, which happens to be the same name as a small beach hut in Ventura that my dad used to take us to very early in the morning on the weekend for breakfast. It boasts “Dukes, Bitchin’ Burgers!” ha! The café today was amazing. They import delicious coffee beans from other countries, and also cook meals in a small kitchen. I got a Chicken BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had recently. Then again, I feel like most of my meals in Melbourne has been exquisite.


Duke’s Coffees: 2 mochas and 1 flat white

Tonight after training, we went to Grill’d for dinner. It is a hamburger place that I swear is a close rival to Davis’ Burgers and Brew. It is absolutely delicious and the chips (french fries) come with a rosemary seasoning. Yumma!


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: ripper. (pronounced rippa) Meaning sick, totally awesome, amazing. Usage: after Chelsea scored an awesome outside shot in our game, Grace exclaimed, “That shot was ripper!”


Technology is absolutely amazing to me sometimes. It is crazy that I am able to call everyone at home for free, whenever I want, as long as I have wifi. I don’t have astronomical charges for international calls!

Right now, my parents are on a Qantas airplane to arrive in Melbourne tomorrow morning, and I am able to track their flight path online. Incredible!!

Seriously, how cool is that? They’re just past Hawaii, and getting closer and closer to seeing me by the minute. I could not be more excited to have them visit! I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that both my brother and my mom have left the North American continent (and the first time out of the US minus Mexico)!

It will be fun to do all of the tourist type activities that I was able to do with Ben all over again with my family. I just love that the people that I love are able to experience my awesome Australian life with me!

We won our game tonight by a ton, as usual. However, we ran different defensive techniques during all four quarters, and the third quarter where we played a center front and perimeter press was the only one that felt like we were playing like a team. It’s amazing how well we work together when we don’t have to think about running a more complex defense than a press. 🙂


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: rootedMeaning to be incredibly tired, exhausted. Usage: After playing three games, U16, U18, and SL1, our players are totally rooted.


Back to Business

After about two weeks of no blog posts due to a wonderful visitor, I am back! yay!

Everything in Aussie Land has been great. Chelsea and I quit Dandelion because it was no fun anymore, and I am now working at a fun restaurant called Dining Haul. The management is great and the customers are fun. I also get a free, delicious staff meal every time that I work. Two nights ago, I had mussels! Yum!

Water polo is great. We are traveling to Brisbane during the first week of Oct for a Under 16 tournament. I am so excited that we get to go. It is going to be great to both explore another city and to hang out with the girls for an entire week. 🙂

Everything else is good and my parents arrive on Wednesday! Yay, yay, yay!


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: billeted. Meaning to put up visitors in your house. Usage: For the U16 tournament, we have several out of town players coming, and they will be billeted with families of MC.

Happy Happy Days

Yesterday, after I got off of the bus that takes me from work in Bentleigh East with RSG Kids to the North Brighton train station, I had the joy of seeing bright orange shoe laces walking towards me. Even though I hadn’t seen the shoes before (they’re new) and I couldn’t see that far away (I never wear my contacts), I knew that it was BEN!!!! 🙂

He met me at the train station, and we walked home together after buying the most delicious gummy worms ever created from the Discount Lollies Store. 

It has been an absolute joy having him here. Yesterday and today both, we walked all around the area and explored streets that I’ve never walked down! We hired a bike for him to use for the next two weeks, and we’ve had a few delicious meals from a cafe in Brighton and Grill’d hamburgers today, and homemade stir-fry last night. 🙂 Ah, I am just the happiest girl alive. 🙂



Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: maccas. Meaning McDonalds. Usage: It probably would have been cheaper if we went to Maccas for dinner tonight instead of Grill’d, but it wouldn’t have been as delicious!

No better way to spend a Tuesday night

I really am enjoying coaching a lot! The very first night that Chelsea and I coached, we were just thrown straight into it. We did not recognize any of the girls, except by matching their cap number to the roster, and we had no idea which girl played which position.  Now, we actually know the girls. I know their faces in and out of the water. I know that one loves super heros. I know that one loves to bake.  It’s becoming really fun!

Tonight, in between coaching the U16 game (17-0 win) and the U18 game (12(ish)-0 win), we had extra time and took some pictures! There are some really goofy ones because those girls are just so silly.


MC U18 girls water polo team


Tonight was a giant success.  All four girls teams, U16, U18, State League 2, and State League 1, won!! woo! 🙂 Our SL1 game went really well. I can tell that we are starting to learn where each other wants the pass (high, low, a little left, etc), and the timings of perfect passes. It’s really fun! All of our swimming is definitely paying off because we’ve counter attacked the crap out of all three teams that we’ve played! I can’t wait until next week!



Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: tomato sauce. Meaning ketchup. Usage: I really like tomato sauce with my chips. (french fries…see a previous a.a.w.o.t.d.)