Remember, Remember

Remember to start following Alicia Goes Haywire. It is my new blog site and officially has THREE whole posts. wow. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember

  1. sarah says:

    Hey I know this is SO RANDOM but I was looking up things about Americans playing polo in Melb and your blog came up. I was just hoping you could give me some insight as to how you came about this opportunity!!

    • aliciabegan says:

      Hey Sarah,
      So sorry for the delayed response! I haven’t checked this blog in ages! Playing abroad is an experience that I’d recommend to anyone! You can simple google “[COUNTRY] water polo” and within a few clicks, you should be able to find a few potential teams. Then, I’d just email them a nice email detailing your playing experience and thoughts on playing abroad, along with a “water polo resume”. Pretty simple! Best of luck! Let me know if anything comes of it!

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