A handful of months back, I tried to explain hash tagging phases to Ben. Essentially, it’s popularity is linearly related to that of Twitter and the # symbol is a way to bookmark important phrases. So, my title today is #yoliao or #youonlyliveinaustraliaonce, and #yolo goes back to a popular song called The Motto by the rapper Drake. And this is quickly becoming way too complicated for a six letter title. Whew.

The past six days, including our Grand Final game, Presentation Night, and our trip to Sorrento, have passed so rapidly that I am not sure that they even happened. I think that it might give me metaphorical whiplash to recount these days, but here it goes.

Thursday, Grand Final day: Our first true Australian summer day where it was too hot to stand outside in the shade. It was the first time that I really appreciated that our apartment seems to remain several degrees cooler than the outside air temperature. (Trust me, when we first arrived in July, it was the pits.) I believe that the day reached 40 degrees at one point, and that’s HOT! Chelsea had to work during the day, so Nicole and I ventured to the beach to catch a few rays for a limited forty minutes. It was so hot that I did not want to be outside for much longer than that anyway. 

Our 16s team played first against Essendon. They were winning the entire game, but the other team tied it within the last minute. So, they played Golden Goal overtime, where the first goal scored wins the game. Emily, a player who plays for our 16s and 18s team and with us in SL1, scored a beautiful center forward shot on the third overtime possession. Chelsea and I did not even have time to properly celebrate with them. Instead, we dashed into the team room to change into our bathers and hopped into the pool to start our game.

Our SL1 game was a rough and tough match. Footscray did not by any means roll over and allow us to trample them. In fact, they scored the first goal. After that though, we remained up for the rest of the game and were up by a goal going into the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the final score was 11-12 and we lost by one goal. 

Our 18s team, nor the men’s SL1 team did not fare any better than us, with both teams also losing by one goal. 

I cannot believe that water polo is over. How did the season go by so fast??

Friday, Presentation Night: On Friday, I had the pleasure of joining Nicole and going to her last school aged boys coaching gig. These twelve year old boys simply adore her and love her accent. They played two short games, and it was fun to see the boys, who could hardly swim just a few weeks ago, win both games, and pass and shoot very successfully.

ImagePresentation Night was very enjoyable. I’m pleased to report that Nicole (bottom right in the picture) won Best and Fairest (AUS version of MVP) for SL1; Asher (to my right) won the award for SL2; Emily (second from the right, top) won the award for U18; Tess (not present at Presentation Night) won the award for U16; Katie (not pictured) won Best Junior Player; Amelia (not pictured) won Most Determined Player. 

It was a great night! The three of us gave short summaries on our teams and were able to hand out the MVP awards to our players. The club president and several other important MC figures, including Steve, talked about the program, and we were given MC History books as a thank you for coming to play with them. I’m really going to miss the team and everyone involved in the MC club.

Saturday-Monday, Sorrento: We had a very lazy start to our day and did not do much before 2 PM. Sometimes you just need those days. 🙂 We eventually rallied and walked down to a new restaurant, Turtle Cafe, in Elwood in search of brekky. However, by the time that we walked down, it was 3 PM and the kitchen stopped serving breakfast. Fail. We still got food and then hit the road to drive to the Stott’s beach house in Sorrento. 



The Stott’s house was absolutely lovely. It was so good to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and trade it for the calm of the sleepy beach town waiting for true summer to come out. While there, we ate delicious food, jumped off of rocks, went hiking along the beach to the old military base at the entrance to the bay, and just relaxed.  Charles, Ellie’s dad, introduced us to the game Liar’s Dice, which is a specialized dice version of a game that I’ve played with my Dad at our lake house. It was so, so much fun, and I can’t wait to play it some more when I return stateside.

It is crazy to me that my trip is coming to a rapid, screeching halt. The three of us have made a list of things to do before I leave and hopefully we accomplish most of the items on the list, including eat at Elwood Food and Wine (check!), eat at Dining Haul, have lunch with Steve, visit the Queen Vic Market for last minute souvenirs, have a night out at the Ice Bar, eat at Grill’d one last time, and a few other miscellaneous items. After all, #yoliao. 🙂


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: windscreen. Meaning windshield. Usage: When it rains, make sure you turn on your windscreen wipers, or you will not be able to see the road through the windscreen.


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One thought on “#yoliao

  1. Karen Began says:

    Wonderful post Alicia and what a fabulous adventure. Is that you jumping off that rock? (Oh dear, you’re still a climber…worry!). We are anxiously looking forward to your arrival. Today, quite a coincidence, I got your “windscreen” clip fixed on your car. Tomorrow, your car gets a tune up and a full bath. Wednesday, your pillows will be fluffed and ready for you to dive into slumber.

    Enjoy, do it all and in 4 short days, we will meet you at the airline gate with bells on our toes. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo excited to hug you!!


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