AUSome Thanksgiving this year

Like I said the other night, our Thanksgiving was one for the books! And now, I have my first “Thanksgiving List” to create Thanksgiving binder, just like the one that my mom’s binder.  You should see it! Every dinner that they have prepared has a sheet that includes details of what was served, how heavy the turkey was, how many people attended, what time dinner was served, and so much more. Additionally, all of the needed recipes are included behind those sheets. Check out my first one!:

My First List!

My Thanksgiving day was a lot different than usual. It began with morning practice (5:30AM) and our usual Thursday morning brekky. The three of us and Alli went to Chez Dre, an adorable french restaurant in St. Kilda. We all got french toast and it was absolutely delicious. Then, due to a suggestion by several teammates of where to find pumpkin pie, we took two trams to reach Costco. There, we were able to snag the last authentic, American Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for only $8. We also bought whipped cream, which was almost as much as the pie, but totally worth it!

Successful tram ride home, complete with a pumpkin pie

Once we got home, Nicole and I stated the food preparations while Chelsea made a last minute run to Coles. Our dinner was complete with turkey, Chelsea’s family recipe of potato filling (a cross of stuffing and mashed potatoes), sweet potato mallow, Grandma Thomas’ apple sauce, peas and onions, and deviled eggs. I took tons of photos to remember our epic cooking experience and share with everyone!

Aussie eggs are all brown and they make delicious deviled eggs!

Prepping Applesauce

Our frozen turkey, which turned out to be delicious

We completely rearranged our living room in order to host our guests!

Thanksgiving cheers with Alli’s Tasmania wine

Sweet Potatoes and Potato Filling

Looks like a pretty typical Thanksgiving plate to me 🙂

The whole crew: Trav, Alli, Daniel, Dylan, Rob, Nic, and Chels!

Delicious dessert plate including ice cream, apple pie, jelly (jello in US terms), pumpkin pie, and berry pie

It was a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday with my home away from home. On Friday, I was lucky enough to video chat the entire family while they were eating Thanksgiving dinner at our house! I took a screen shot! 🙂

Zack, Ash, and Bri at Began Thanksgiving

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: mate. Meaning friend, or more generally a person. Usage: I called up my girl mates to go out to dinner.

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