Thanksgiving Preparations

When we first arrived in Australia, Chelsea and I were both surprised that we did not experience more of a culture shock.  We both decided that Melbourne could easily be a city somewhere in the US where people have funny accents.  However, as the holiday season approaches, I’ve noticed more and more differences.  For example, Halloween came and passed without much of a mention.  I heard of a few Halloween parties and saw several trick-or-treaters, but it wasn’t a full blown holiday. Additionally, the general rule of not putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is not followed because Thanksgiving is not a holiday here! A lot of the stores in Elsternwick already have Christmas themed windows, and I even saw a Christmas tree in the window of a house the other day.

Even though Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia (because there was no Plymouth feast or “Pilgrims and Indians”) the three of us have decided to have a mini Thanksgiving feast this Thursday. Today, Chels and I walked to Coles to buy all of the groceries for our dinner.  Instead of purchasing a huge turkey that would not fit in our small oven, we got a prepackaged turkey breast that we have to pop into the oven for just an hour and a half.  I feel in some ways that with this “turkey,” we are cheating the typical preparations, but it was a much cheaper and more feasible option for us. Additionally, we will make my Grandma Thomas’ applesauce and Chelsea’s family “potato filling,” which is a cross between stuffing and mashed potatoes. I cannot wait to try it. It is a lot of fun to combine traditions. 🙂

Thursday will be full of cooking and I cannot wait. However, I am pretty sad that I am missing out on seeing most of my mom’s side of the family for our typical Thanksgiving celebration. Christmas will just be that much better!


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: Chrissy. Meaning Christmas. Usage: I will be home from Australia in time for Chrissy.

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