California Stops

Today, I was afforded the rare luxury of sleeping in past 8 AM. When we first got to Melbourne, I feel like we spent most mornings sleeping off jet lag, but since getting jobs and having morning training, those mornings have become fewer and farther between. Thus, this morning was wonderful. I didn’t set an alarm after a long night of waitressing at Dining Haul and I was able to sleep in until nearly 10:30! Lazy bum status. 🙂

Then, I was able to go Tango chat (similar to Skype, but used only through iPhones and is received as if it is a phone call) my mom for an entire hour. We talked about everything from their recent trip to an amazing Mexico resort, to my plans once I return to CA, to water polo! It was so nice to catch up. I am really looking forward to coming home! I was able to tell her about my most recent news: I was accepted as an Anatomy Lab Aide at UCD! This means that I will be placed in a group of four students and together we will be teach our section the entire lab course. I am extremely excited, and hopefully Ben will be in my section with me! Now, I just have to find housing in Davis starting in January, so Mom and I spend time on Craigslist looking for a inexpensive room for rent. At the end of our conversation, Dad got home from work, so I even got to say hi to him! It was wonderful!

Then, I decided to stretch my legs and get some exercise.  Rather than running down my usual beach path, I decided to run through Elsternwick to visit Chelsea at work. I bought her a mocha and surprised her. It was comical watching her hide her coffee from customers, because she works at a dairy-free kosher restaurant. Thus, it is taboo to even have coffee with milk in the store! However, she got away with it and in return I had quinoa salad and a cinnamon roll for lunch. I was also able to try my very first macaroon. It was simply divine! Yum! 🙂

On my run home, I attempted to run down to the beach and follow the beach path home. However, the train tracks cut off my path. My run was actually a slow jog, and I spent most of the time focusing on the scenery and the streets that I have never ventured down, rather than on my form and speed. Through my observations, I noticed for one of the first times that Calfornia Stops, where a car rolls through a stop sign, must be completely legal here! Instead of stop signs on most streets, there are Give Way signs, equivalent to our yield signs.  I suppose that if no car is present in either direction, the car can simply roll through the intersection. How odd! Those weird Aussies! 🙂

Give Way

Now, I am waiting for Chelsea to return from work. We are going to see the new Twilight movie tonight! Although I don’t follow the movies or books closely, I saw one of the movies at midnight with Erin in Davis one year. It was a lot of fun. I just like Girl’s Nights a lot!

Alicia’s Aussie Picture of the Day: Melbourne Mochas!

Melbourne Mochas

After morning practice on Thursdays, the three of us always eat a big breakfast at a new cafe. This week, we chose MART which is on the 96 tram line and is featured in my “What’s Happening in Melbourne” book! I loved their use of different blue plates for the coffees, and of course, our coffee designs were awesome!

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2 thoughts on “California Stops

  1. Karen Began says:

    Alicia, our conversation was one that will stay with me forever. Just to hear about all of your thoughts, plans and fun (…and for a full hour) made my day! Keep those wheels turnin’. You’re a gem sweet pea and your momma gets to hug you in 21 days!!! Can you believe it? 21 days! Yahooooooo!!!!!

  2. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Alicia Love, I hope you can find roommates in Davis as wonderful as your Melbourne friends. Who else is in the program? CONGRATULATIONS for getting the job !!! I have loved your messages every day !! and I’ll get to see you at Christmas time too this year in Camarillo. Love, Gram Jane.

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