RSGK! Mini Golf Course

Finally, I have taken the time to snap some photos of the events at Ready Steady Go Kids. This week was the second week of golf. Therefore, the kids only spent a few minutes practicing putts and spent most of the class playing on our RSG Kids Mini Golf Course. I have to say, it is a pretty awesome site to see fifteen colorful mini golf holes set up around the gym with twelve children running around playing each hole. The kids love it and it is the perfect class for parents to get fully involved in the class, rather than spectating as usual.


This is an example of one of the holes. The golfer places his golf ball, which is really a whiffle ball, between the fingers of the hand. The fingers, I’ve learned, are a prime spot for keeping a ball in place. Then, with his Happy Thumbs on top of the golf club and his “drawing hand” on bottom, the golfer aims to send the ball under the balance beam bridge, along the bean bags, up the plastic foot, and into the cone hole! It’s quite fun to create each hole and even more fun to watch kids jump with excitement after a successful putt!


Here are a few of the children playing the course. They’re adorable. I absolutely love my job, and I will definitely miss it when I return stateside. I think the best part is that we are able to form relationships with the kids. They know our names and look forward to seeing us each week. One mom told me last week that Sports Class was the best part of her son’s week and that he looks forward to it. 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: motor bike. Meaning motor cycle. Usage: the motor bikes that ride down Beach Road by our apartment are quite loud at night.

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