Food for Thought

I’ve started to wonder lately how most recipes are created. I know that a lot of foods are invented and then written down, but are some recipes recreations of food that the chef once ate and wants to eat again? If this counts as a recipe creation, I will become the author of several amazing food recipes when I return from Australia.

Today we woke up at 4:40AM for morning training/National League tryouts. The trials turned out to be a short warmup followed by an hour and fifteen minutes of uninterrupted scrimmaging. It was amazing. I know that laps and leg sets are important to drain training fitness and drills are important to continually increase water polo knowledge, but by far, the best part of water polo is game play. It is my happy place. While focusing on a game, I have no other cares in the world. Thus, before 7am this morning, I got to do what I love for an hour and a half, and got a great workout in as well!

The rest of my day was great, and I ate some delicious food, (which is naturally what my day usually revolves around.) This afternoon, Chelsea and I met Nicole on Acland Street to wander through the shops, looking for dresses for our upcoming Presentation Night with MC. However, before we got on the bus, we stopped at a small cafe that we’ve been wanting to try. We both ordered caramel lattes and the muffin of the day: banana coconut. Yum. That muffin will definitely be something that I try to recreate once I get home!

Tonight we did not have a game because we have play Ovens and Murry away this weekend in Albury. It is a four hour road trip to play a single game, but like I said, playing games is the best part of water polo! We still spent the night at MSAC coaching our U16 team and watching Nic coach SL2. Before the first game, I was teasing one of the players, Amelia, about wanting her to make a cake for us, and it turned out that she made cupcakes! They were absolutely delicious with Oreo frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate chips in the batter, and an Oreo on the bottom! Yum, yum!!! They were to die for, look!


Then, after coaching tonight, Daniel, Rob, Nicole, Chels, and I went to our favorite late night restaurant on Chapel St. It has become a Tuesday tradition to go out to dinner with Daniel after he finishes reffing and we finish coaching. At the restaurant, I ordered a Blast Sandwich, or a Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Sundried Tomato sandwich on Turkish bread. It was divine, and is my second food of the day that I’m going to try to make once I get back to the states! Yum! It will be a treat for sure!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: Presentation Night. Meaning awards night after the grand final. Usage: At Presentation Night, Chelsea and I will present the award for the MVP of both of our teams.

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