Aires Inlet for the Weekend

We spend the weekend with Perry, one of the coordinators of our US/AUS program, at his beach house in Aires Inlet. It is a handsome house with huge windows in the front looking out to the ocean.  The cabin itself is at least sixty years old, with wood floors and old fixtures, and it is quite cozy. The four of us drove the Great Ocean Road on Saturday. It is a 243km drive along the beach with some gorgeous views. It was a great weekend filled with really good company, some good wine, and great pictures!

Rainbow on our way down to Perry’s House. It’s amazing how many rainbows appear in Melbourne because of the variable weather!

Chocolate covered strawberries that we made for dessert on night 1.

Silly, cool Australian sign!

Gorgeous! Can’t remember the name of this lookout though 😦

Chelsea, Perry, Nicole, and I

2 of the 12 (7 remaining) Apostles. The ultimate scenic point of Western Vic.

Koala and baby spotted on the side of the road as we drove home! We stopped to take pictures. So cute!

Aires Inlet. I wish that CA had such beautiful ocean water!!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: barbie. Meaning barbeque. Usage: On Saturday night, Perry grilled steaks on the barbie and they were delicious!

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2 thoughts on “Aires Inlet for the Weekend

  1. Keith Christensen says:

    What grand experiences and food for memory ! We are so happy to hear any news from you ! Being here in the Desert., it is hard to visualize what you are seeing- The pictures are so beautiful and you look great !! Poppa C.

    • aliciabegan says:

      Grandpa, I love all of your comments and I am so glad that you like following my adventures! I will definitely try to post more photos!! 🙂 love you!

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