Playin some G!

Whenever my family and our family friends are up at the Lake, my dad and Jerry always go play some “G”, meaning a competitive round of mini golf at the community golf course. They are so into their game that they bet actual money per hole. Today I was able to teach some “G”.

Today was week one of Golf at Ready Stead Go!., which marks the first day of “Round Two” of teaching with RSG!. This sport was the first one that I taught after being hired. I found the day to be significantly more easy than the previous four weeks have been, as I have already experienced the sport and know the helpful tips and tricks that Olly uses to make a session run smoothly.

The children were able to complete small putts, larger swings, and had a go on the two golf greens that we set up. It is rather amazing to see 2.5 year old children holding a golf club properly and completing a putt into the hole at the end of the green. This program is definitely a good head start into the sporting world for young kids. I especially love teaching them and being able to see the same faces week after week. Taj, a boy in my second class with a rather thick Aussie accent, remembers my name each week and pronounces it, “A-leee-sha”. It is one of my favorite parts of my Monday workday and I find myself consistently looking forward to seeing him. šŸ™‚

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: rubbish. Meaning trash. Usage: will you please throw this in the rubbish for me?

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