Morning Fail and Max Brenners

It is safe to say that we were not meant to attend morning practice yesterday. Since Katie wasn’t going due to exams, we were lucky enough to borrow Rob’s car to drive to practice. However, after leaving at “normal” time of when Steve typically picks us up, we turned onto St. Kilda Road in attempts to turn right onto Beach Road. However, the road only turns left. (Sign #1 that we shouldn’t go) So, after a left turn and a U-turn, we got stopped at a red light that we wounldn’t have had to stop at had we not taken a wrong turn. (Sign #2). Finally, we arrived at the pool, and as we were walking in, the three of us discussed how little sleep we got the night before due to tossing and turning. (Sign #3?) Finally, we arrived at the doors to MSAC at 5:16AM. However, the pool has interesting morning rules, where the doors are unlocked from 5-5:15 AM, then relocked from 5:15-5:30. Thus, we were locked out. (Sign #4). At this point, we decided that rather than look terrible walking in late to a practice with the Australian Head Coach watching, that we would simply go home. So, I got an extra few hours of sleep after our morning failure. 🙂

For the rest of the day, I was left to adventure. Chels and Nic both had work, so I decided to venture into the city. I spent most of the morning wandering around without a specific plan, trying to find a new place that I hadn’t yet seen in the CBD. Throughout my wanderings, I stumbled upon Max Brenners, the chocolate bar that Nora had recommended to me weeks ago! There was no way that I could pass it up.

Mint Hot Chocolate in a Hug Mug from Max Brenners

I ordered a Mint Hot Chocolate, my favorite! As Nora promised, it was absolutely delicious. Their hot chocolates are served in a “hug mug”. Very cute. 🙂 Thank you Nora for the awesome suggestion!

And now, it is off to work for me. Also, we are in the middle of planning a Thanksgiving dinner for all of our Aussie friends at the end of the month. It blew my mind to find out that they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here (obviously).



Alicia’s Aussie Phrase of the Day: you’ll be right. Meaning you’ll be alright. Usage: After a child fell over during a Ready Steady Go! class, Olly said, “you’ll be right” and picked him back up.


3 thoughts on “Morning Fail and Max Brenners

  1. Nora Allan says:

    YEEEESSSSS!! 😀 haha so delicious

  2. Karen Began says:

    Yum! What could be better than a hot mint chocolate? Answer: a home made Alicia chocolate chip cookie to go with it!

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