Mochas and Money

It’s official. I don’t think that I can hide from the truth any longer: my days in Australia are winding down. Pretty soon, I will be back to the land of super sized meals and California sunshine. Leaving has become bitter sweet. I love living here, sharing a room with Chels and an apartment with Nic, and playing with and coaching some amazing girls. Yet it will be so nice to sleep in my full sized bed in my crazy house with cement floors, to see all of my family and friends again, and to find a way to continue my role in the water polo community.

There are definitely two things that I will miss a lot about living in Australia: coffee and hourly wages. As a matter of fact, my coworker and I discussed both tonight during our shift. In Australia, coffee is a specialty. Most people don’t buy a coffee for a simple caffeine fix. Having coffee with a mate can be an hour to two hour long experience. The coffee culture is something special that could never be recreated in a Starbucks. Here, each coffee comes with a heart or leaf or another design made from the way that the milk was pored. I sure will miss it!

I will also miss the hourly wages in Australia. As my return date looms closer and closer in my calendar, I have started to search for jobs either up in Northern California or Southern CA. It has been a fruitless, frustrating search thus far (any tips or suggestions are welcome!!), especially because a lot of entry level positions offer around $15/hr. Here, working with the kids I am making $22/hour and waitressing I am making $18/hour plus tips! I really love working in hospitality and would enjoy continuing the line of work in the US, but it simply is not practical. Here, my coworkers wait tables 5 nights a week and have enough money to save or spend how they like after paying rent and basic living expenses. The Australians really value hospitality!

Tomorrow, I will explain about both our adventure to morning practice and my adventure in the city! For now, it’s time for some zzz’s!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: fairy floss. Meaning cotton candy. Usage: fairy floss is sold at Luna Park Theme Park by our house.

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2 thoughts on “Mochas and Money

  1. Keith Christensen says:

    During you hiatus in Australia you got two things accomplished -one, you were able to view another world and two, test the opportunities of more that one field. That is the envy of many people. Especially those that are in a dead end job. You will be coming back to a change of business climate, as the elections are a short ways away and the total economy is waiting for a result.! If it is a change in administration, we will see a giant jump of all activities here in America. This spurt of business increase will open up giant opportunities for you . If we have more of the same, you might think of staying in Australia for a longer period of time..
    With your energies and fortitude, you will succeed I either picture, I assure you ! Love You,
    Grandpa Christensen

  2. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Alicia, love. Have you thought about being a tour guide for an american travel company – your specialty – Austraila. Americans love knowledgeable american guides, (alum groups, college student groups, etc.) The best guide we ever had was a 23 year old guy in China (his specialty was Beijing -he had lived there as a transfer in college). You can specialize in one city or the whole country. Contact AHI travel, TAUK, and any company local to australia. Or does Davis have an alum travel department, try them. ( If not, try Cal, Stanford, UCLA, etc.) You have rare knowledge of the country. Cheers, Gram, Jane

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