Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide was a fantastic weekend trip. We were able to attend two practices with the Adelaide Jets national league team, and explore all of the city in just two short days! After the end of this week, the three of us will have completed thirteen straight practices from last Sunday to this Friday morning. Wow! Even at Davis we did not practice that much! It’s safe to say that we are pretty tired girls.

Our road trip to Adelaide took around nine hours each direction and saved over $150! Even though nine hours in the car seems like a long time, it was actually quite fun and the time passed quicker than it does during my 6 hour trip down the 5 Freeway from school to home in CA. Our soundtrack of the trip was Taylor Swift’s new song, Never Ever Getting Back Together. The lyrics are a little strange, but it is definitely a catchy tune!

The Beginning of a Wonderful 9 hour Adventure

I took this picture right as we left Melbourne. (US friends and family, check out the right side drivers seat!! What is weird to me though is I am completely used to it!) We ended up leaving around 3 and arriving in Adelaide around 12:30 AM. We stopped in a city called Nhill to find food and gas, but the local diner had already closed the grill at 4:30PM. So, we kept going until arriving at 9PM in Bordertown, which as the name dictates, was on the edge of Victoria and South Australia. Unfortunately, their local pub stopped serving food at 8:30 and we were again out of luck. Thankfully, we found the town’s pizza joint that was open until “LATE” and each bought a personal pizza to eat. I got a hawaiian pizza, which is served with shaved ham all over the pizza, rather than “canadian bacon” circles of ham as it is in the US. I much prefer AUS Hawaiian pizza. 🙂

View from the M8

Then we finally, finally completed our road trip, and arrived at Rob’s hotel. He was in Adelaide for the week to finish his construction project, and his company booked him a 2 bedroom hotel instead of a single because the singles were fully booked for the week. Score for us!! Nic and Rob took the double bedroom, Chels took the single, and I called the pull out couch my home for two nights. It was quite an uncomfortable pullout bed, but luckily, we only slept for 4 hours that first night, and woke up for a morning swim training session at 4:30 AM. Yahoo.

The swim training that we attended went really well. It consisted of a ton “singles” (25m swims) of pulling, kicking, and technique work, and we finished the session with 6×200 (or whatever you can finish) coming in on the 2:30, leaving on the 2:45. We were moving. A 200yd on the 2:30 is a hard interval, but those 200m on the 2:30 just kicked my butt. My only savior was running out of time in training to finished the last 200, so we completed 5 total.  Even though we haven’t been training an extreme amount (polo on Sunday, swim (hard) with the boys on Monday, game on Tuesday, swim on Wednesday, training swim/polo on Thursday morning), we were still the fastest girls in the pool! It was very nice to see!

Post training, we went out to brekky at a cafe named Argo. I ordered poached eggs on toast and a smoothie called Oatarian. It had strawberries, bananas, greek yougart, and oats in it, and it was to die for. I would make it at home every morning if we had a blender! After brekky, we took showers and napped back at the hotel, before heading to the Haigh Chocolate Factory. We took a self guided tour of the local equivalent of Ghiradelli and were able to see two ladies hand dipping truffles into their chocolate coating using a warming table! It was amazing to watch. While we were there, we bought small bags of assorted “messed up” chocolate, meaning that they were not perfect enough to sell in stores, but are still delicious chocolates. Needless to say, I had quite the tummy ache by the end of the day. 🙂

Hahndorf, SA

Our next stop was out to Hahndorf, a small, quaint German town. It was around a 45 minute drive from Adelaide and was absolutely worth it.  There, we spent three hours just walking around and exploring. We were able to do a cheese tasting from a cute store called Udder Delights, ate free strawberries from a treat store, and Chelsea bought a vintage leather wallet for only $8 from an antique store. Before we left, we visited Beerenberg, a farm responsible for providing most of Australia with portion serves of jams. In fact, I used Beerenberg Strawberry Jam for my fruit toast in Sydney. It was fun to see the small farm that has become such a huge success throughout Australia.

After napping (again) at the hotel, we went out to get dinner by the beach at a restaurant called The Strand in Glenelg. (AUS has such weird names for their towns!) It was a lovely restaurant and the three of us all ordered delicious salads to end the day. Yum.

The next morning, we were up again at 5:30 for 6-8:30AM practice with the Jets. This time, it was a water polo practice, and it was tough. We did a 4v4 scrimmage (not enough girls for 6v6) and I was absolutely exhausted afterwards. However, I loved every second of it! It was so good to play really intense water polo again, that it even made me reconsider my decision not to stay to play national league in January! However, I’m sticking with the decision to come home. 🙂 After practice, we went to an adorable restaurant called Doof Doof (food spelled backwards) which served all organic foods. It is safe to say that Australia is absolutely filled with delicious cafes!

That day, we went wine tasting in McLaren Vale, 30 minutes outside of Adelaide. It was my first time wine tasting and it made me feel so sophisticated! I learned a lot about different varieties and types of wines, along with discovering that the sweet taste of Moscato is very good! McLaren Vale was gorgeous and I was able to take a ton of good pictures!

Our first winery, Ekhidna

Oliver’s Grove

McLaren Vale, SA

Beach Girls 🙂


Afterward, we drove down to the beach shown in the picture above and had a “pub meal” for dinner. Pub Meals are pretty popular here, and they’re cheap and yummy. Later that night, we met up with some of the Jets players from both the boys and the girls teams, and they showed us the nightlife of Adelaide. However, we were exhausted and retired back to a teammate, Jess’s house around midnight. Then, we were up and at it again at 6AM to drive back to Melbourne to make it to MC practice at 4:30PM.

It was a long, exhausting weekend, but it was such a blast!

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One thought on “Adelaide, South Australia

  1. Karen Began says:

    Now that’s what we used to call a “road trip” in college! You 3 US girls are so gorgeous, driven and adventurers. How fun and yummy to go wine tasting. Are the Aussies as proud of their wineries as the vitners are here? My favorite for wine tasting is the pride that each winery takes in their business. Beautiful memories for you three. Funny, you look like you could be sisters.

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