Queen Vic Market

It is a really good thing that Chelsea’s phone number is only two digits different then mine, because today was the second time that I’ve had to use a pay phone to call her. (no, I am no better than using my cell phone to return calls and texts here than I was in the US!) so if my phone number is ABCDEFGHIJ, hers is ABCDEFGHJI. Easy peasy!

Long story short, today I left my phone at work and had to use a pay phone to confirm meeting up with Chels outside of the Queen Vic Market! It was stressful, but luckily we met up just fine. The market was huge! It was full of produce, poultry, seafood, and an entire building full of random vendors selling everything from cheap tourist souvenirs to expensive leather jackets to gardening supplies. It was actually quite overwhelming. The two of us walked out essentially empty handed with the promise of returning to find Christmas presents for family and friends! šŸ™‚

However, we did leave with very full bellies! To start, we ate lunch from one of the mini stands. I had a salami, tomato, and cheese panini, and Chels got a pumpkin, capsicum, and tomato panini. They were delicious and especially satisfying because work always leaves me very hungry. Then , before we left, we stopped by the food court for coffees, and ended up getting mini pancakes, smothered in chocolate and powdered sugar, surrounding two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was almost too much to handle but gosh it was delicious!


Alicia’s Aussie Term of the Day: double parked. Meaning to have a drink in both hands, especially with alcoholic drinks. Usage: a very drunk man at the pub was double parked with two beers.

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