American Lollies

Tonight at water polo, we creamed Richmond 12-4 with no help from me. I was majored (3 ejections) in the beginning of the third quarter, so I wasn’t allowed to play for the rest of the game. (Similar to 5 fouls in basketball.) however, we played really well and although it was a physical game, it was really fun. Our 16s and 18s teams won their games as well. Way to go MC!

After the games, Chelsea and I went to Crown Casino food court for dinner with Daniel and stopped to get lollies on the way out. At the mini candy stand, they had the best selection of American candies: tootsie rolls, junior mints, air heads, runts, sweet tarts, mike and ikes, and even Swedish fish. Yum! It blew my mind that Daniel had never tried, or even heard of, any of them! Those candies represent my childhood, especially mike and Ike’s and runts from a 25cent machine.

Daniel decided that he had to try one, so we picked out Air Heads as the top choice. It was a box containing 6 flavors: watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, green apple, and white mystery. The three of us tried four out of the six with just green apple and cherry remaining. For each Air Head, Chels ripped it in half and gave half to Daniel. Then she split our half into half again for the perfect taster size for the two of us. It was quite a good deal and really delicious! 🙂 I’m definitely going to have to go to that lollie stand before I leave!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: lollies. Meaning candy, especially gummy candy. Usage: sour gummy worms are Ben’s favorite variety of lollies.

One thought on “American Lollies

  1. Keith Christensen says:

    You are indeed your Mom ! spirit, vibrancy and enthusiasm all bundled up in one !
    We follow you and enjoy so much ! Grandpa Christensen

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