Seashells and Cookies

Today was an especially warm day in Melbourne and it seems like the weather just keeps getting better. After a years worth of falls and winters between home and here, I am more than ready for some heat (if you don’t count the month of hot Davis heat that I experienced this year)!

Additionally, the day that we returned from Brisbane was daylight savings, so the nights are longer, warmer, and so much better! Tonight after training, Chelsea and I made dinner and then walked down to the beach. There was the most beautiful sunset, and after the sun went down, the ocean lit up like it had a million jacuzzi lights a few meters under the surface. It was brilliant. We stood on the edge of the ocean for a long time talking and collecting shells. It was really fun!

This is my collection of the night.

After the beach, I channeled my inner Betty Crocker and made a batch of my favorite treat, chocolate chip cookies! They were yum. (That is an interesting phrase that people use a lot here,a and I’ve picked it up too.) But truth be told, they were not my famous homemade cookies. I opted for a box of mix than having to purchase all of the ingredients in bulk.


Today was a great day after my stressful work shift ended!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: ranger. Pronounced rang-uh. Meaning a red headed individual. The term is short for orangutang. Usage: Betty really likes Rupart Grint even though he’s a ranger.

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