Coaching must burn calories too?

The tournament has been going well so far. Our bracket was particularly hard, with two teams favored to metal. However, the girls have kept their heads up and we’ve played two extremely good games of water polo. The other two has been blow out games, but that was to be expected with our bracket draw. I am so proud of all of them for playing so hard and they’re really learning a lot!

It’s a different experience being on the coaching end of a tournament. Rather than playing two games, eating a ton of food, and sleeping a lot, I am coaching and yelling for two games, still eating a lot, and sleeping a fair amount (plus morning runs to start the day off with at least a little exercise.) I swear I’m still eating almost as much as I used to during various tournaments, like the UCI tournament. Okay, not that much, but still! I can’t figure out if it’s due to habit of tournament=food, or does my yelling actually makes me hungry? Fellow coaches, what if your take?

We’re bringing my speakers tomorrow for game warmups, and Koty, Starships and Butterflies will absolutely make an appearance. 🙂

I need to definitely take a few more pictures while I’m in Brisbane!

Tomorrow, AliciaGoesAussie will feature guest bloggers! Look out for a silly post including “Emily’s Super Hero Fact” and perhaps even Amelia’s American Word of the Day. 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: thongs. Meaning sandals, flip flops. Usage: today, a player told me that although she was barefoot, she had her thongs in her bag to wear after the games.

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2 thoughts on “Coaching must burn calories too?

  1. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Alicia, love I love your blogs!!!! I am so glad you are getting around, seeing more of Austrailia. It’s great that you are coaching – are you competing, playing as well? Will you get to travel playing? XXX
    Gram. Jane

  2. Dakotah says:

    Haha, I always get 10x more exhausted coaching than I ever do playing… must be the stress, or the sun, or the standing? I like it best when I get a chance to swim a bit in the warm up area between games 🙂 Glad to hear starships made it on the warm up list, they’ll dominate for sure after hearing that jam! it’s a classic.

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