Brisbane Bound

Tomorrow morning at 7 AM, Chelsea and I are leaving for Brisbane for a week! We are coaching the U16 MC team going to the National Club Championship Tournament. It’ll be similar to Junior Olympics or Club Championships from age group polo at home. I could not be more excited!

Brisbane is in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. It should be between 85 and 90 degrees the entire time that we are there. Talk about sunshine! I have missed hot weather so much, and it will be so fun to finally break out my shorts! 🙂


Coaching the tournament will be a lot of fun. The girls seem really excited, and we are taking 5 girls from Wagga Wagga club with us to create a full roster. The five of them seem super excited as well. In fact, Olivia, one of the Wagga girls, told me during our scrimmage at practice tonight that she promises that she will play better in our first game on Tuesday, “but I was so excited last night about leaving that I didn’t sleep at all!” That is my kind of girl! I love her already. As Jamey always says, “it’s a great day to be a water polo player.”

I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Side note: my footy team that I’ve been rooting for, the Hawthorn Hawks, unfortunately lost the Grand Final (championship game) to the Sydney Swans yesterday. It was an unfortunate loss because they came back to be up by a few points by the last quarter, but then slipped again. Bummer central!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: composite team. Meaning a team made up of players from two different teams, such as ours with 7 MC and 5 Wagga girls. Usage: because we are competing as a composite team, we will not be allowed to play in a metal match, as stated in the tournament rules.


2 thoughts on “Brisbane Bound

  1. Karen Began says:

    Go MC girls! We are cheering for you from the states!

    Enjoy he sunshine Leash. It’s been a long winter for you. Just think, you will have sunshine when we have rain.

    Take lots of pictures so we can all enjoy the games and Brisbane.

    Safe travels.

  2. Nora Allan says:

    So stoked for you! Have an amazing week in Brisbane 🙂

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