Knackered Feet

Man oh man do we all have knackered feet tonight. Dad, Mom, Zack, and I walked all around Melbourne today and managed to find new activities that I haven’t had a chance to experience yet! We walked through the Shrine of Remembrance, which was built to commemorate Australian soldiers who died during WWI and WWII. We walked all through the Botanical Gardens, known as The Tan, and found some really cool plants that Mom wants to plant at our house. Then, we explored the National Gallery of Victoria, a huge museum on St Kilda Road which highlights a lot of European art between the 16th century (I think) and now.

After all of those adventures, we were more than ready for some lunch. We ate at Young and Jackson, a bar across the street from the Flinders Street Station. It had delicious food and Zack tried his first Aussie Chicken Parma. Afterwards, we walked up stairs to find “Chloe,” a famous painting that is kept at the bar, rather than at a museum. It was amazing. On the top deck, there was an outdoor Cider Bar, complete with fake AstroTurf. It was quite suave, but after a quick look, we decided to keep exploring.

We walked through my favorite mini alleyway and then along the Yarra River past Crown Casino to the tram. We arrived in St Kilda after a tram ride full of interesting people, including a man who was very angry and cursing up a storm and a woman who was clearly drunk or on some sort of drugs, and both were very interesting to watch. We walked along the beach to get to Elwood. It was gorgeous at that time of the day with patchy cloud cover and the sunset.

I have about one hundred pictures between our four cameras that were taken during our adventure today, but can’t share them quite yet. Unfortunately, the hotel where we’re staying has poor Internet, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to send the pictures from my phone to my computer. However, know that they’re awesome, and maybe I’ll eventually upload a select few. 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Polo Word of the Day: swim up. Meaning the sprint that happens before the beginning of each quarter. Usage: last Tuesday, our team won all four swim ups.

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