Technology is absolutely amazing to me sometimes. It is crazy that I am able to call everyone at home for free, whenever I want, as long as I have wifi. I don’t have astronomical charges for international calls!

Right now, my parents are on a Qantas airplane to arrive in Melbourne tomorrow morning, and I am able to track their flight path online. Incredible!!

Seriously, how cool is that? They’re just past Hawaii, and getting closer and closer to seeing me by the minute. I could not be more excited to have them visit! I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that both my brother and my mom have left the North American continent (and the first time out of the US minus Mexico)!

It will be fun to do all of the tourist type activities that I was able to do with Ben all over again with my family. I just love that the people that I love are able to experience my awesome Australian life with me!

We won our game tonight by a ton, as usual. However, we ran different defensive techniques during all four quarters, and the third quarter where we played a center front and perimeter press was the only one that felt like we were playing like a team. It’s amazing how well we work together when we don’t have to think about running a more complex defense than a press. 🙂


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: rootedMeaning to be incredibly tired, exhausted. Usage: After playing three games, U16, U18, and SL1, our players are totally rooted.


2 thoughts on “Tracker

  1. Ann Furman Weiler says:

    Hi Alicia —

    Amazing technology indeed! Have a wonderful time with your Dad, Mom and Zack! I’m quite sure they are just as excited as you are right now. Congrats on your winning season.

    Lots of love,


  2. Dakotah says:

    yayyyyy! so excited they’re almost there, I thought of it first thing this morning (sorry your life is one of the more exciting things going on in my life right now? haha) I hope you have another great visit with them, I am so so so jealous they get to come see you AND australia…if only I was making some money, I’d be buying a ticket there asap! cannot wait to hear about it 🙂

    ps- fall is officially here. kentucky fall = davis winter. prematurely excited for the holidays, which means prematurely excited for a reunion. love you, enjoy every second and keep taking lots of photos!

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