Back to Business

After about two weeks of no blog posts due to a wonderful visitor, I am back! yay!

Everything in Aussie Land has been great. Chelsea and I quit Dandelion because it was no fun anymore, and I am now working at a fun restaurant called Dining Haul. The management is great and the customers are fun. I also get a free, delicious staff meal every time that I work. Two nights ago, I had mussels! Yum!

Water polo is great. We are traveling to Brisbane during the first week of Oct for a Under 16 tournament. I am so excited that we get to go. It is going to be great to both explore another city and to hang out with the girls for an entire week. 🙂

Everything else is good and my parents arrive on Wednesday! Yay, yay, yay!


Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: billeted. Meaning to put up visitors in your house. Usage: For the U16 tournament, we have several out of town players coming, and they will be billeted with families of MC.

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