Hey, wanna go ice skating?

Last night was a night to remember.

Ben and I decided to go ice skating, and the local ice rink in Melbourne does “Date Skate” on Thursdays. The 7-11pm skating session comes complete with a kiss cam and silly love songs being played. It sounded like a blast to me!

So, we made spaghetti for dinner and looked up public transportation directions. I wrote down that it said to leave our house by 7:27 to catch Bus #1, so we left at 7:28 and power walked to the bus stop and arrived at 7:32. However, once we arrived, I realized that the bus actually arrived at the stop at 7:27. Missed bus #1.

The next bus was 10 minutes later at 7:42, so we decided to go visit Nicole at work at the cafe next to the stop. We ordered a delicious brownie to go and Nicole suggested that we have it heated up. The cafe was pretty busy by then, so a quick minute heating took about five minutes. By the time we paid and left, it was almost 7:45. Missed bus #2.

Next, we decided to take a different bus to the train station, rather than waiting for twenty minutes. We walked across the street to the stop, and the bus was supposed to arrive two minutes previous. However, sometimes busses run late here, so we waited five minutes to see if it would come. No bus. We began walking down the street and what happens? The bus to the train station passes right by us. Missed bus #3!

By this point, I was pretty disappointed in my poor planning skills and bad luck. We decided to walk to the tram, which is a little more than 20 minutes down the road. The walk was actually pretty pleasant, and we laughed about the adventure the whole way. Once we got to Acland Street, we had ten minutes before the tram arrives. What happened? It started pouring rain. Bad luck again.

After a sprint through the rain, we hopped on the tram and rode the half hour into the city. The ride wasn’t bad, and our clothes almost dried. Once we arrived at the stop to switch trams, we got off into the pouring rain, and checked the next tram time. 19 minutes, what great luck! Instead of waiting, we decided to walk through the rain thinking, “oh it’s not raining that bad.” wrong.

Another twenty minutes later, we were absolutely soaked and freezing. So, why not wait for the tram that we could have waited for before, right? Nope. We waited for ten minutes and no team ever came.

At this point, it was 9:40 and we were soaking wet, so we decided just to walk back to the train station and go home. What a dramatic public transportation experience. However, it’s one for the books and I know I’ll never forget it! 🙂 Ben and I are going to have to go skating another time.

On a more exciting note, we went to the zoo and saw kangaroos yesterday and are going to the footy game today! Yay! Pictures later !

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: pitch. Meaning field, like a soccer field. Usage: we should go to the local pitch and kick a ball around!

One thought on “Hey, wanna go ice skating?

  1. Corine says:

    You are so right! These kinds of memories will last forever! Not fun as you go through them, but hilarious when you think about them. I can totally picture it! Keep laughing :)!

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