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Brisbane Bound

Tomorrow morning at 7 AM, Chelsea and I are leaving for Brisbane for a week! We are coaching the U16 MC team going to the National Club Championship Tournament. It’ll be similar to Junior Olympics or Club Championships from age group polo at home. I could not be more excited!

Brisbane is in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. It should be between 85 and 90 degrees the entire time that we are there. Talk about sunshine! I have missed hot weather so much, and it will be so fun to finally break out my shorts! 🙂


Coaching the tournament will be a lot of fun. The girls seem really excited, and we are taking 5 girls from Wagga Wagga club with us to create a full roster. The five of them seem super excited as well. In fact, Olivia, one of the Wagga girls, told me during our scrimmage at practice tonight that she promises that she will play better in our first game on Tuesday, “but I was so excited last night about leaving that I didn’t sleep at all!” That is my kind of girl! I love her already. As Jamey always says, “it’s a great day to be a water polo player.”

I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Side note: my footy team that I’ve been rooting for, the Hawthorn Hawks, unfortunately lost the Grand Final (championship game) to the Sydney Swans yesterday. It was an unfortunate loss because they came back to be up by a few points by the last quarter, but then slipped again. Bummer central!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: composite team. Meaning a team made up of players from two different teams, such as ours with 7 MC and 5 Wagga girls. Usage: because we are competing as a composite team, we will not be allowed to play in a metal match, as stated in the tournament rules.



Just a quick post to show off my delicious treat of the afternoon: a banana flavored cupcake. Yum. Chelsea loved the bite that she tried. My dad would have definitely loved it, as banana is one of his top ice cream flavor choices. Ben’s dog, Siena, who loves bananas would have even loved this. Basically, this cupcake was a mini slice (cup) of banana heaven.


And the best part? I still have a mint chocolate flavored cupcake to eat tomorrow! How lucky am I?

Chelsea and I helped one of the girls on our team begin to contact US college coaches about playing water polo abroad. It brought me back to when I was 17 drafting up my player profile and being so nervous on my recruit trips. I am still so thankful that my dad (and entire family) encouraged me to pursue college athletics. He purchased a program, called Recruit Me, that really helped me out with how to go through the process, as I had no high school alumni or anyone to help me. And it definitely worked! I had the best four years imaginable with UCDWWP and now I’m playing with MC in Australia. 🙂 I am one lucky girl, and it was so much fun to help pass on my knowledge to someone else. I hope it works!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: ta. Meaning thank you. Usage: when I clear someone’s plate at Dining Haul, they respond with, “ta“.

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Happy weather makes a happy girl

Today was the very first day since I arrived mid July that it was warmed than mid50-mid60 degree weather and the first day that the wind didn’t lower the temperature by another few degrees.

It was 75 degrees with bright sunshine and a warm breeze around 1pm today. What could possibly be a better activity than going for a run? Going to the beach! And I was able to do both today before work at The Dining Haul. It was amazing to lay in the sand and finally, finally soak up some rays (with tons of sunscreen on, right Ben?) I’ve started reading The Great Gatsby again to prepare for the upcoming movie, so I laid at the beach reading my book. I cant imagine a better afternoon after two months of winter. I am so lucky to be here and to be able to do the things that I am doing!


Gorgeous Elwood Beach!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: pitch. Meaning field, as in soccer field. Usage: let’s go down to the soccer pitch and kick a ball around.

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Multiple Princes

When I GoogleMap search a place, I typically expect the closest location to be highlighted. Then, I can create directions and easily arrive at my destination.

So today, the three of us went to do Pilates with Chelsea’s coworkers in Princes Park (pronounced “princess”). So, we GoogleMapped the location, used to find public transportation directions, and off we went. An hour later, we arrived in Princes Park on the other side of downtown Melbourne. It was a nice park with a tennis court, footy oval, and playground. However, I had to ask the question, “do your coworkers live all the way out here and drive into work everyday?” Chelsea didn’t know the answer.

After waiting at the park for about ten minutes, Chelsea called her friend to find out which “park by the tennis courts” they were at, and her friend mentioned Hawthorn Road. There was no Hawthorn Road anywhere near our location.


Our house is the blue dot on the map, and the park that we went to is the red pin on the top left. The park that we were supposed to be at, also named Princes Park, is on the bottom right of the map, very close to our house. Oops! However, like Ben and my public transport debacle in the rain, it was a silly journey to remember! Next time, we will definitely double check GoogleMaps!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: bogan. Meaning someone from the country, like red necks in the US. (However it is not always a nice term.) Usage: it is twice as hard for me to understand the Aussie accent of a bogan than of someone from Melbourne city.


This past month has flown by and it has been the best four weeks of my eleven weeks thus far. First, Ben was here to visit for two weeks and we went a ton of awesome adventures in and around Melbourne. Then, I started a new job at Dining Haul waitressing, and six days after Ben left, Mom, Dad, and Zack came to visit for a week. This past week did not last long enough at all, but we definitely squeezed a ton of activities into six short days.

And now, I have to readjust. I have to redefine my daily schedule for the next ten to eleven weeks. I have to adjust to not having my visitors with me at all times. I have to figure out a way to complete all possible Australian activities before I leave. Needless to say, today was a weird day after I hugged my family goodbye. I wasn’t able to play tour guide, or laugh at the crazy things that Zack says. 🙂 Instead, I went on a four-ish mile run to MSAC and then swam a bit. I met Nicole in St. Kinda for lunch and practiced some more crochet once I got home. Tonight, Daniel, Chels, Rob, Nicole, and I went to Crown Casino for food court dinner, bowling, and pool. I’m glad that I’ve stayed occupied!

Tomorrow, I think the three of us might do Pilates with one of Chelsea’s co-workers. Fun! I’ll try to upload some of the pictures from my family’s visit tomorrow as well. Goodnight from Australia!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: dacked. Meaning “pantsed”, or to have someone pull down your loose pants so that your bum shows! Ah! Usage: tonight, I almost dacked Nicole! 🙂