No better way to spend a Tuesday night

I really am enjoying coaching a lot! The very first night that Chelsea and I coached, we were just thrown straight into it. We did not recognize any of the girls, except by matching their cap number to the roster, and we had no idea which girl played which position.  Now, we actually know the girls. I know their faces in and out of the water. I know that one loves super heros. I know that one loves to bake.  It’s becoming really fun!

Tonight, in between coaching the U16 game (17-0 win) and the U18 game (12(ish)-0 win), we had extra time and took some pictures! There are some really goofy ones because those girls are just so silly.


MC U18 girls water polo team


Tonight was a giant success.  All four girls teams, U16, U18, State League 2, and State League 1, won!! woo! 🙂 Our SL1 game went really well. I can tell that we are starting to learn where each other wants the pass (high, low, a little left, etc), and the timings of perfect passes. It’s really fun! All of our swimming is definitely paying off because we’ve counter attacked the crap out of all three teams that we’ve played! I can’t wait until next week!



Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: tomato sauce. Meaning ketchup. Usage: I really like tomato sauce with my chips. (french fries…see a previous a.a.w.o.t.d.)

2 thoughts on “No better way to spend a Tuesday night

  1. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Alicia, what is the makeup of your team? Three Americans? All the rest Austrailians? Ages? How many total? Where do the rest live? ???? I love your blog – every day !! Gram Jane

    • Karen Began says:

      Sounds like you are as equally excited over your wins with the U16’s and U18’s! It must be so rewarding to watch them execute moves that you taught them. Shut them out, the US is in the house 🙂

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