Netball and Golf

It’s all too true that my life revolves around athletics. I eat, sleep, and breathe sports, and love every minute of it! I’m here to play water polo, I work as a sports teacher to kids, and I’ve seen two new sports since I’ve gotten here.

Last night after practice, the three of us went to watch Oli’s coed netball game. Apparently, it is usually an all girl sport, but they play coed simply for fun. It was a bizarre sport – basketball without a backboard, lettered jerseys standing for positions instead of numbers to identify the player, and heaps of different rules. In fact, no contact is allowed! A player has to be three feet away from the one with the ball, making shots look quite silly! However, it was a lot of fun to watch!

(GA stands for Goal Attack. Check out the net!)

Today at work, we taught golf (part 2) and Olly, the guy I work with..different than our water polo friend, set up a nine hole mini course. There were holes such as hit the ball up the ramp and into the hula hoop. It was really cute to watch the little kids play today! In the last of the three classes, one girl in particular had a major breakthrough and was 100 times less shy, didn’t hide behind her mom’s legs, and ran up to me each time to tell me how good she did! Oh she was just the cutest and Olly said that he was really impressed that I got her to participate! After the class she ran up to me and told me that she wants to come back and play every week!! Ah I just love my job!

Tonight is our third water polo game! I cannot wait! Yay!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: dodgy. Meaning sketchy, scary. Usage: the steps leading upstairs into a bar on Chapel St are very dodgy.

One thought on “Netball and Golf

  1. Karen Began says:

    Oh Alicia, that little girl sounds like you at your first swimming lessons, I bet she’s going to have the same warm, competitive heart that you do! Take a picture of your kids so we can see how cute their little faces are 🙂

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