Game #2

We are officially about a third of the way through the season, and we’ve only played 2 games! (Plus the bye week and the no show team.) We won by a ton again today to a team that’s from about 4 hours away. Can you imagine driving four hours (San Diego all the way to Santa Barbara, and then back) just to play 2 games? I think they do it every other week, too! It is part of an “expansion program” to make Victorian water polo larger than just the competitions within the major metropolitan cities.

Our team is pretty good for really only a half hour of skills practice together each week. It helps that three of our six starters played four years of collegiate water polo, and a fourth played in the highly competitive Australian National League, plus we’re fit and fast! 🙂 We get to play again in two days…yahoo!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: bugger. Meaning darn it. Usage: When our game was moved from MSAC to Melbourne High School, Dylan said, “bugger. I can’t be bothered to take pictures there. Indoor pools are the worst.”

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