Travel Savvy

I am so glad that my parents practiced so much real life problem solving with me as a child. Today was dramatic, but I was able to figure out a really fast solution. Here’s the story:

Nicole had a flight booked at 9:10 this morning to fly to Adelaide to visit her boyfriend for the weekend. We got out of morning practice at 7am, and we were picked up by Oli by 7:30 with plenty of time to make it to the airport. With so much time to spare, we decided to go to a cafe where a friend of Oli works to have brekky. (I had delicious porridge and a mocha.) However, the next time that we checked the clock, it was 8:10 and time to book it to the airport. We would have made it with time to spare if it wasn’t for rush hour traffic. Think: 101 LA freeway on a Friday afternoon status. After multiple detours, an 80s music jam sesh, and some hilarious phone calls to the airline’s automated answering service, which apparently does not understand American accents, we got to the airport at 9:11. We were just in time to see her plane lift up into the air.

Now, by this time, Nicole was absolutely freaking out. (If I were in her shoes, I probably would have been a wreck, too!) So, Oli parked the car, and the three of us girls ran into the airport to see if, by some miracle, she could still get onto the plane. Obviously, the answer was no. While the two of them stood in line to talk to her original airline that only had one Adelaide flight today, I took off on a mission to find the cheapest and soonest flight for her. I talked to the airline next door and got an 11am flight quote of $225. So, I followed the sign to find the other domestic airline in the airport, and wandered pretty far from the girls. It was worth it. I found a noon flight for $180, a 2:30pm flight for $150, and a 3pm flight for $135.

Nicole ended up choosing the $180 flight to get there as soon as she could to her original landing time.

Overall, I led quite the successful airport mission!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: cutlery. Meaning silverware. Usage: at work, I have to reset tables with cutlery after people leave.

One thought on “Travel Savvy

  1. Ann Furman Weiler says:

    Hilarious travel story, Alicia. Excellent work on your part. Ask you dad about the time we missed our flight from John Wayne (O.C.) Airport back to college because, with lots of time to kill, we stopped in the bar to have a drink before obtaining our bording passes. That experience instilled in me a get-your-boarding-pass-before-drinking attitude that has stuck with me to this day.

    Lots of love, Ann

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