Night Games = Dramatic Pictures


(how great of a picture is this?)

One of the guys on the team take pictures for the club at most of the games! He’s really good! If you have Facebook, make sure to “Like” the Melbourne Collegians page to see pictures as they are uploaded! I haven’t checked, but you may also be able to view them at

Today was a full day with another catering job during the day and our hour long swim practice at night. Nicole and I went on a night run after we got home and it was surprisingly peaceful. I would not run by myself at night, but we ran along the ocean for part of the run and it was really soothing.

5:30am practice tomorrow, and then we are taking Nicole to the airport and going out to breakfast with a friend. There are perks to having your day’s work out over by 7am.

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: park. Meaning parking space, parking spot. Usage: The parks at Wesley High School are small, and it is usually a little bit of a squeeze to park the car.

2 thoughts on “Night Games = Dramatic Pictures

  1. Karen Began says:

    Incredible picture! “that’s a printer”! Love the one on the website, too, “welcome to the US girls”

  2. Karen Began says:

    Just noticed you’re #10!!!!!!! Nice 🙂

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