Finally, back in the pool

We played our first game tonight. It was a total blowout. We won 19-7, and I scored 3 or 4 goals! (however, I was also majored with a minute remaining. Australia refs are much different with the way that they call fouls and ejections.) It was absolutely so much fun to play again! Our team will be very good once we get the hang of each other’s playing styles. There was definitely a lot of miscommunications, but we got through it. The other team was not terrible, but we still killed them.

After work, I found the most gorgeous view of Melbourne city and the famous Brighton Beach Huts! So pretty!!


I also got the best news today: Ben is coming to visit the first of September!! Ahhh! I could not be any more excited! 🙂 My parents and Zack are coming at the end of September, too. It will be the best month ever!

Alicia’s Aussie Phrase of the Day: he’s called _____. Meaning his name is ______. Usage: “what is your brother’s name?” “He’s called George.”

2 thoughts on “Finally, back in the pool

  1. Karen Began says:

    Wow, finally your first game and you scored! Yea Ben, and we get to see him next week! Life is good you cute girl. Momma loves you. Dad, Zack and Ziggy send kisses, too.

  2. Jane Sagehorn says:

    good going, Alicia !!! What a wipe out. Gram Jane

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