Working Woman

This weekend has been crazy. I worked three times at Dandelion and worked from 6:30-3:30am for a catering company last night.

The catering job was so, so much fun, but it was really long! Wow! We got the job through Oli, a MC polo player, and we worked for a set of twins’ 21st birthday bash. The party was absolutely fantastic. It was a black tie event with a DJ, open bar, and a fully catered menu. (In Australia, the driving age and legal drinking age is both 18 years.) The party that we worked at had to have cost at least $100,000. No joke! The family had some serious coin. Apparently that party was high end, but 21st birthday parties are typically celebrated in a similar fashion. It was much different than 21st birthdays in the US! After so much work since I first arrived, I think I’m almost even with my initial expenses! Yay!

And now, Its definitely bed time. šŸ™‚

Alicia’s American Word of the Day (that Aussies do not understand!!): scrimmage. Aussie word for scrimmage: practice game.
(the story: I told a coworker at the catering event that I was excited to finally play a water polo game on Tuesday, but that I am also nervous because we have never scrimmaged on the same team. I had to figure out a way to explain scrimmaging! It was weird!)

4 thoughts on “Working Woman

  1. Keith Christensen says:

    We are so thrilled tosee your new world. Your Grandpa Christensen is so proud of you .. Such a transition and to be able to thrive in it is wondrous -We send our love to you ….

    • Karen Began says:

      Alicia Lou you are amazing!! Just think, when you come home you will have experience in waitressing at a fine dining restaurant, teaching athletics to little ones, event planning, playing polo for an abroad team, and Aussie lingo. What an interesting resume you will have for your future, besides all of the travel, culture and just plain fun! I miss you terribly, but my morning cup of coffee and your blog helps me count down the days. I love you Sweet Pea.

  2. Lyndsay Sutterley says:

    i am going to throw you a 100000000000 return party, thats how much i miss you

  3. Lyndsay Sutterley says:

    meaning of course 1000000000 dollars

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