Interesting water polo

Today, I didn’t have work or water polo practice, so I ventured into the city to walk around and find my dad’s birthday present. (Dad, it’s awesome and will be in the mail tomorrow!!) 🙂 On the train to Melbourne, I found the most interesting water polo blurb in the newspaper:

(hopefully, the full article is posted. It’s really short, but I would hate for it to be cut off)

For those of you who don’t play water polo, my concern about the shot probably does not make much sense. Essentially, exposure plays a pretty large role in the game. If the team on offense is exposed by a defender, that defender is ejected for a man up situation. If the defensive team is exposed, which occurs frequently in center back, the ball is automatically turned over. It may seem scandalous, but that is how the game works.

If the game is shown in live-time format, there is probably no opportunity to blur it out. However, the exposure is not being committed for the fans in a Super Bowl Janet Jackson-esque manner. It is literally a part of the game. When we played CSULB last season, for example, the center consistently grabbed the top left side of my suit as I elevated out of the water, causing exposure to the ref (thankfully on the opposite side of the pool from the stands). Thus, the center ended her team’s offensive possession numerous times in a row for the move. Additionally, one of the UCD girls is the most modest changer on the team, but has exposed herself to the entire stands as a part of the game. That’s just how it works.

So, ultimately I just have to laugh at that article. I understand it from a viewer’s perspective, but as a player, I find it silly. Ultimately, it’s just pretty cool to see water polo in the newspaper!

Alicia’s Aussie Phrase of the Day: to have a shower. Used instead of “to take a shower” in the US. Usage: Tomorrow, I will have a shower before I go into work.

3 thoughts on “Interesting water polo

  1. Karen Began says:

    Too bad the refs can’t see under water. There would be ALOT more fouls called. Polo players have to have the stamina of a runner, the arm of a baseball player and the strength of a wrestler. Amazing.

    • Keith Christensen says:

      I totally agree ! What a all encompassing sport ! The maximum of physical prowess is being practiced and then some – Carry on girl ! Dad Christensen..

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