My Greatest Adventure


(a quote that I found on today)

I went running today to the tunes of 500 Days of Weezy, which is consider to be the soundtrack of driving in Jess’s car. The music brought me back to living at 7th and C, and the day that I found out that I was accepted to play with Melbourne Collegians. It seems like so long ago!

I’m really surprised at how easy it has been to adjust to living in a different country. The fact that although some of the lingo is different, and fun to learn, but is still English has definitely helped tremendously. Additionally, I have found Australians to be so friendly. I met a girl named Millie today who will be playing with us this season. Not only was she friendly, but she treated the three of us as if we were long lost friends. I think this is absolutely a difference between the US and Aussies. In the US, everyone is definitely friendly, but it takes more time to become true friends with someone.

This is the adventure of a lifetime, and I am so excited for what is to come. 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: boot. Meaning trunk of the car. Usage: “Just throw your bags in the boot to have more room in the car.”

2 thoughts on “My Greatest Adventure

  1. Keith Christensen says:

    In viewing your world and its daily adventure is super exciting even over here in Arizona. What a wonderful world view you are getting ~ We,as family , are proud of you ! Keep the details and new adventures coming, as it is like living it with you, only on a spectator basis. Some of my finest of acquaintances are Australian, so I can follow your daily input and really enjoy it. You are totally right in saying that Australians are sincerely friendly ! A rare group of people —- Grandpa Christensen

  2. Karen Began says:

    Oh Alicia we are so happy for you! How fun to see a different style to life.
    So that’s how we got “booty” (dad’s comment)! Haha

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