Monthly Archives: August 2012

Airplane Wings

My favorite warm up for Ready Steady Go Kids is to have them run a lap as an airplane. I tell them, “Now we’re going to become AIRPLANES, so put your wings out. Turn on your flashing lights!” (arms out, fingers opening and closing as the lights) “Ready, Steady, GO!” and we all run across the gym floor with outstretched arms.

Guess who is on an actual airplane right now, riding in the plush business class? Ben!! He arrives to Melbourne Airport at 9:40 am. I get to see him in less than twelve hours! Yahoo!! I absolutely could not be more excited! 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: arvo. Meaning afternoon. Usage: Chelsea and I will be the ones running practice this Sunday arvo.

Train Training

Today, Ben got Melbourne train training. I explained all about tapping on and off using his Myki card, taking the SkyBus from the airport to the city, and what to do if you miss a train! In a little over 24 hours, he’ll make the journey by bus and train to meet me after work!! Ah! I could not be more excited.

I cannot believe that I’ve been here for a month and a half. It feels so much shorter, yet so much longer than that! It really does not seem like that long ago that Mom, Dad, and I had a mini dessert feast at LAX before I got on my international flight, yet when explaining public transport to Ben today, I felt like I’ve already been taking it for years. It’s all crazy to me!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: trackees. Meaning sweat pants. Usage: I immediately put my trackees on after practice tonight because I was freezing!

Simple Things

Sometimes, taking a step back to metaphorically smell the roses can give you a good look at your life. Actually taking the time to smell some roses is pretty good, too! Today, on my way to work with RSG, I walked past the very best smelling rose bush! It was awesome! I’m so glad that Spring is on its way to Australia. In fact, it was sunny and warm today. My favorite kind of weather.

Today at work, we taught the kids cricket, a sport which I’ve never even seen being played! As it turns out, it’s pretty similar to baseball. We taught big thrown, hits with the bat, and fielding the balls. It was fun and I learned a lot! At the end of the third session, Olivia, the girl who I mentioned last week, came up to me with a pink square in her hands. She handed it to me, saying that she made it especially for me. It was a piece of Tinkerbell binder paper with swirly stickers placed with care. It absolutely warmed my heart. It was one of those moments that made me step back and realize how great life is. My experience with the company has really made me consider teaching younger kids, rather than high school chemistry and physics like I’ve always wanted. Maybe once I’m back in the states, I can intern for a week with my second mom Sheri! 🙂 Lyndz, we can be roommates! 🙂 haha

We smashed our game tonight. However, it was a really physical game and pretty annoying. Oh well. Like Jamey always says, “everyday is a great day to be a water polo player!”

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: serviette. Meaning napkin. Usage: tonight, one of the girls brought a delicious dessert for a teammates birthday, and we ate it off of serviettes.

The difference of 1 mile

As I walked home from the train station and the grocery store today, I couldn’t help but think of what a difference 1 mile seems between here, Davis, and Camarillo.

In Camarillo, we drive one mile down to the grocery store all the time. We drive the two miles to RM down Central Ave. We drive across the 101 to get to Target and the outlet malls.

In Davis, I drove one mile to get to Safeway. I biked multiple miles to and around campus each day. I biked or walked the few blocks to get to downtown from my apartment.

In Elwood, I walk everywhere. I walk a little over a mile to go to the grocery store. We walk a mile to get to the train station to take public transportation to practice or to the city or to anywhere else.

It’s funny to me how different areas have the ability to dictate different modes of transportation. Perhaps at home or in Davis, I would now be more inclined to do a backpack walk to the grocery store and back, because I have no other option of transportation to buy food while I am here. Also, the 10 minute bike to practice every day in Davis and 10 minute drive to Rio Mesa for high school don’t seem like such a big deal, as it takes me 20 minutes to walk to the train station to even begin my journey to practice or to work.

Melbourne and Elwood have definitely opened my eyes a bit. Isn’t that what traveling is all about? 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: flat white. Meaning a coffee with hot milk in it. Usage: a flat white is a delicious alternative to a long black if you don’t like straight coffee.

Spoke-less Bikes

Tonight during my shift at Dandelion, I had a customer make a very interesting comment. I went to their table of four to ask if they would like dessert. They ordered two off the menu to split. So, as I put the dessert spoons down at the table, one of the men was talking to the other about a topic, but the second man was clearly not listening. It seemed like he was day dreaming or staring into space. However, a second later, he told me that his daughter would just love all of my “bangles and rings” that I was wearing. Turns out that he was looking at my jewelry!


(Note: Ben and I will be starting a business selling these bracelets and more this coming January!!)

Instead of saying thank you and moving on, I promptly informed him that both of my bracelets are actually homemade out of bike spokes. I told him that the fancy one was a college graduation present from my boyfriend, who is a cyclist. The man at the table said that he really liked them both!

When I came back to the table to drop off the desserts, the man told me that I put the funniest image in his head and he could not stop thinking about it. He said he imagined my boyfriend going out to his bike in the morning to discover a missing spoke or two, because I had taken them to make jewelry! He imagined the bike wobbling all over the place! 🙂 The conversation totally made my night and made my long shift pass a little quicker.

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: long black. Meaning a black coffee. Usage: With my dessert, I would like to order a long black with one sugar.