Eureka Sky Tower

Today was Practice 2 with the men’s team. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time, thank goodness. There is no better feeling than getting back in shape!

After practice, the three of us and a guy named Ollie, a 19 year old exact Australian replica of Zachariah (swear!), went to visit the sky deck of the Eureka Tower. It is the tallest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere with a 360deg view of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. It was magnificent!! My pictures do it no justice. It was gorgeous to see all of the city lights at night and it was fun to pick out all of the landmarks, like Flinders St Station where we ride the train into the city.

(haha pretty funny! I wish I would have sent a post card!)


(no justice to how pretty it was!)

Then, we paid to go into the EDGE, a viewing platform that mechanically jets you out over the city with a glass top, bottom, and 3 sides! Ah, it was so amazing. We all laid face down on the floor to get the full effect. It was really silly but totally worth it! πŸ™‚ Afterwards, the man working allowed me to take a picture of the ones that they sell to you. It was really nice of him to do. He said, “yah, just wait a moment as I walk away so that I don’t see you do it.” then snap! Picture! (Jess, check out my amazing scarf! So warm during Melbourne winter!)

(amazing view!!)

Tomorrow morning, we’re getting up early to watch the Aussie women’s water polo game at our coaches house and he’s making us Brekkie! I hope it’s yummy!! πŸ™‚

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: chips. Meaning French fries! (think fish&chips) but no where are they called French fries. Only chips. Usage: Grill’d, a chain hamburger restaurant, makes delicious chips with an herb seasoning.


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