There’s nothing better than being constantly active!

Work at Dandelion does not start until this coming Thursday, so we’ve had plenty of free time, but the rainy weather has significantly cut into my exploring of surrounding cities. It’s a pain to walk 20minutes to the train station in the rain, only to arrive to more rain! Therefore, I’ve stayed around the cities surrounding Elwood: Brighton and Elsternwick to the East and St. Kilda to the west.

Today, I visited all three of those cities, got a lot of exercise, and had so much fun!

In the morning, I went on a jog and got really lost! I ran out to Brighton and wandered back through the residential streets in Elsternwick for a while, always heading west, until I found the park behind our apartment. It was really fun!

Then, at noon, Nicole, Chelsea, and I walked to the St. Kildare street market, about 1 3/4 miles away. The walk along the beach path was gorgeous on the way there. At the market, many of them vendors sold jewelry and prints of photographs taken throughout Melbourne. (I was hoping for a farmers market like in Davis though!) I ended up buying a really pretty ring to add to my ring collection. Someone better stop me if I try to wear one on every finger some day!! 🙂


It was raining on the way home and we got soaked! We were totally unprepared and this time, the walk along the beach wasn’t quite so nice anymore. However, we walked past Luna Park, a small amusement park in St. Kilda and I took a picture of the entrance. It’s sort of scary looking!


Practice was great tonight with a very competitive atmosphere throughout our drills and scrimmage. We worked primarily on a defensive drop drill back to center, and I played defender against Nicole. We played so hard against each other, but once the whistle blew, it was all smiles again. My favorite. I was starving by the time we got home, so I cooked up some quick fajitas. Yum!


I really, really enjoy cooking. There is a French Institute in St. Kilda that offers cooking classes. I have to look into it. How fun would that be?!

And now it’s off to a basketball game to play with one of the girls on our team, Alli. It’s a league similar to inter murals at UCD. Ah! Can’t wait! Healthy, active lifestyle 🙂

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: knackered. Meaning tired. Usage: after running, walking, polo, and basketball today, I am going to be quite knackered and will sleep so well!

One thought on “There’s nothing better than being constantly active!

  1. Karen Began says:

    Definitely the French cooking class. Leash that would be a blast for you (and Ben to share French recipes). Ok, I’m glad you found your way back after your run…umm “maps” comes in handy! What’s the Aussie word for umbrella? I bet if you go to a store and buy one they will tell you! Haha

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