Here’s a great con of technology: Just as I was finishing an incredibly thought provoking post on technology today and how helpful it’s been to communicate with people at home, yet annoying at times, my iPad died. The post was lost. Bummer!!

Maybe I’ll try to recreate my masterpiece post later tonight. For now, I’m just frustrated! It’s ironic that I was writing a post about technology, not a day-to-day activities type post, when it died. Oh well! Maybe more later.

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: baths. Meaning: swimming pools. I think it’s used in terms of public swimming pools, such as Melbourne City Baths and Brighton Sea Baths. Usage: Yes Ben, even though you were being sarcastic, I do wear a bather to the baths. 😛

One thought on “Technology

  1. Karen Began says:

    Aaahhhh technology! Incredible technology in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night. Can’t wait to see women’s water polo. How do you say water polo in Aussie?

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