Week One is Already Over

To the multiple people who said that this trip is going to fly by, you were totally correct. I cannot believe that I’ve already been here for a week. Wow!

Workouts have been so good so far. It feels good to get my butt back in shape! However, swimming in a 25 meter pool (rather than 25 yards) is still weird. Even though Ben says that it’s literally a matter of a few feet, I can totally tell the difference. Laps seem to stretch on and on, and they do so especially when I am tired. (and it seems like I’m always tired!)

Chelsea and I are officially Dandelion employees beginning next week. I’ll work Thursday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons next week. I’m really excited to start making some money! I’m considering possibly trying to find a job working at a cafe or something for Monday through Wednesday mornings, but who knows! It would be so fun to work at a coffee shop but gotta enjoy Australia too!

Our weekly practice schedule ranges in the pools that we practice at, but looks like this:
Sunday 4:30-7pm with all of the girls teams from under 16 to State League 1, which is our team
Monday 6:30-8:30pm with the State League 1 (SL1) men’s team
Tuesday game night!
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm swimming with SL1 girls
Thursday 5:30-7am with the Victorian National League 2 girls (national league is the prestigious team, but it’s the younger girls because the “1” team includes Olympians currently in London!

Tomorrow will be an early morning, but then were done with the week!!

Also, Nicole and I have been running a ton. We might do a half marathon in October!! We ran 4.6 miles today and I’m pretty freaking proud of that! šŸ™‚

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: jumper. Meaning sweatshirt. Usage: I am definitely going to wear a jumper for the rest of the week because it’s supposed to rain!

One thought on “Week One is Already Over

  1. Karen Began says:

    What a schedule! Hard to believe that week one is done. Seems like yesterday that we were at the airport. I agree, enjoy Australia, but then Alicia is always the go-go girl. Pictures of the outside of your apartment?

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