One Delicious Day

Today was so busy! Usually Tuesdays will be Game nights where we play and later coach, but that doesn’t start until next week.

We visited the Chadstone (pronounced chad-stin) mall. It was HUGE! It’s definitely funny to walk past a butcher shop and a grocery store inside of the mall, but that’s the way malls work around here I guess. The first store we went into was a liqueur shop selling extravagantly flavored alcohol. They had free tasting and us three girls and Daniel, a guy from the mens team, all tasted grapefruit and watermelon favors. (just a tiny taste) It was actually pretty good. I loved the way that the bottles looked lined up on the shelf!


We walked past all of the ultra expensive designers with not a single shopper in any store. I wonder how they stay in business, until I remember that one purchase is equivalent to my old apartment’s rent! Okay, maybe not that expensive, but close!

After that, we stopped at the Lindt Chocolate stand and all ordered hot chocolate. I got the special winter hazelnut flavor. When they came to our table, it was mix-your-own. Such an awesome idea! Hot milk, liquid chocolate, and a cup! Yummayumma!!


To end our mall trip, we watched Dark Knight Rises in the “Xtreme Screen” theater. It was so incredibly good! I loved it! The movie theater was really nice as well. It reminded me of Muvico from home, except the seats were fully leather. Amazing.

For dinner tonight, Chelsea and I explored Papa’s recommendation of Little Bourne St and Melbourne’s own Chinatown. (Papa, I took a picture of the street sign to send to you, but my camera didn’t save it I guess!!) We ate at Dragon Boat. It was really good, with spring rolls to split as an appetizer and chicken and vegetable fried noodles for my main course. Chelsea got seafood fried rice.

20120724-230118.jpg. 20120724-230226.jpg

Neither of us finished the big portion, but of course had room for ice cream. However, after walking over 15 blocks around Melbourne, we had to settle for McFlurrys because we could not find a single ice cream store! The McFlurrys were pretty tasty, but nothing compared to home.


Today was quite the adventure and I’m off to sleep with a full tummy of delicious food!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: entree. meaning appetizer in Melbourne (instead of meaning Main Dish like in the states). Usage: Tonight, we split spring rolls as our entree.

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