Alicia’s non-Aussie word of the day: absolutely exhausted. Meaning totally and completely worn out. Usage: today, we practiced with the men’s team and did 10x200meter swims on the 2:45, head up sprints, and a ton of shooting. Now, I am absolutely exhausted, but it feels great at the same time. Nothing like the feeling after an exhausting work-out! Goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Pooped

  1. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Pace yourself, love. Lots of major changes in a short time. Get plenty of rest. I love you. Gram Jande

  2. Karen Began says:

    Ahhhh baby!

  3. Ashley Lamhofer says:

    Love your blog Alicia! I just read all of it 🙂 hehe. Hope you are having the time of your life and I love and miss you!!

  4. Michele Lamhofer says:

    Hey Alicia…….it’s Auntie Shells. What a great way to keep in touch with everyone. It is very interesting hearing about the fine little details of Australia. You are getting to experience one of the worlds most wonderful places. Breathtaking beauty and very nice people who love Americans. I am sure you will come back to America with some wonderful memories. P.S. How did you find a job so quick? You go girl. We are all thinking of you and send our love. xoxoxoxo

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