The Busy Life of Alicia

Today, the Busy Life of Alicia officially restarted. I had my first day of waitressing at Dandelion, which turned out to be a high-end Vietnamese restaurant, and first day of playing with Melbourne Collegians water polo team. Ahh!

My first day of work was great. It’s so easy to walk 5 or 6 blocks to work. I feel like Zack who literally walks through his apartment complex and across the street to Westlake Market grocery store for work! Before my shift at 11:30, Chelsea and I grabbed a coffee from an adorable coffee shop up the street. I could definitely make regular visits there. It is adorable with small mugs and brightly colored walls. Their mantra was posted on the wall and we loved it so much that we took a photo. It is six paragraphs long, and my favorite is: “Blunders are part of trying something new, so we applaud them. Don’t take us the wrong way. We respect the dedication it takes to study something for years and go on to master it, but it’s the guy who’s tried his hand at everything that we really admire.”


Work was crazy today. It is always a little strange to get acquainted with the systems used at a new restaurant. I am so thankful for all of my previous experience between Cucina Isabella with its
fine dining qualities, Tommy J’s with the true people experience and letting things roll off my back if something goes wrong, and even Maria’s Cantina where I worked for one short month for my training in computer system, called Aloha. Overall, at the end of my three hour shift, I felt pretty confident. However, the dishes will take some getting used to, with names like “Bo La Lat,” a minced beef grilled in betel leaves, and “Che Co Hai,” sort of jelly dessert

Chelsea, who had her first shift running food, and I power walked home after we got off at 2:30 to have time to eat a snack before practice. Steve picked us up early today for a team introduction. I finally have my MC suit! Yay!

This is the boys high school where we practiced. Wow! Looks like pictures of French castles that Ben has been sending me!

Practice went smoothly, but the initial water polo/swimming drills will take some getting used to. For those who understand polo terms (UCDWWP!) drifting is called Reverse Guarding and for once, I wasn’t the slowest! Yahoo! Instead of doing forward lunges, we did progressive laps from one breaststroke with a arm stroke, all the way up to FOUR breast strokes per arm stroke. It was hard for me to get used to! After warming up and swimming for s half hour, we did an hour of passing and shooting. Then, the younger girls got out and we scrimmaged for a half hour. It was soooo much fun. Today’s practice reminded me how much fun water polo is and how much I have missed it in the past months.

Overall, today made me really thankful that I took on this excursion. Playing organized water polo again is so much fun! Love it!

Alicia’s Aussie Term of the Day: Prawn. Slang term meaning that a boy has a really cute body but not the cutest face. Similar to the American phase “Butter Face”. (I was taught the term by a girl on the team today and I taught her Butter Face in return!) Usage: While talking about a male athlete, a girl referred to this as a total prawn.

4 thoughts on “The Busy Life of Alicia

  1. Grandpa says:

    Alicia- There is one of the best Chinatowns anywhere on Little Bourne Street. We found killer hot Swechan and wonderful dim sum there. AND the best for me, loads of noodle houses! Grandpa

  2. Karen Began says:

    Alicia this doesn’t look much like Rio Mesa! Haha. You’re doin the Aussie sweetheart. Enjoy every second.

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