Teach me how to chicken

Well, I am almost “Australia Official”. Since landing on Wednesday afternoon, I have opened an Aussie bank account, completely unpacked, gone grocery shopping twice, gone to a Footy Game (Australian rules football), decided to begin training for a half marathon, and am (almost) officially employed!

I definitely owe it all to my roommate, Nicole. She is returning from last year and totally knows the ropes of what Chelsea and I have to do to survive here. It has been such a blessing to have all of her help.

I mentioned the Dandelion yesterday. It’s a very cute restaurant with awesome architecture and it is less than five blocks from our apartment. Today, I got a call from their hiring manager asking if I could meet at the restaurant in twenty minutes to talk about hiring. Thirty total minutes later, Chelsea and I were both scheduled to return tomorrow to try out working there! He said that we’re 95% hired! Wahoo! I can’t wait to make money!

Dandelion Restaurant

After Chelsea and I got back, we and Nicole all decided to have chicken salad for dinner. It was delicious and the Australian cheese that I added in was quite tasty! I taught Chelsea how to cook spaghetti on our first night and chicken tonight! As we cooked, we sang “teach me how to chicken” to the tune of “teach me how to dougie”. Total dorks. I loved it!

We also got to see Australian rules football, called Footy, and it was really entertaining. Check out the link below for an example of the game. (sorry, it’s long.) We cheered on the Hawthorn Hawks towards their huge victory over the Collingwood Magpies! It was so, so much fun and the three of us wore matching Hawks scarves that we borrowed from the family who we had dinner with last night. We looked awesome dressed to the nines in Australian gear.

Hawthorn Hawks fans!

Hawthorn Hawks Footy Highlights

Tomorrow, we’ll get our Melbourne Collegians water polo suits and have our first practice! Yahoo! I cannot wait!

Alicia’s Aussie Word of the Day: Singlet. Meaning tank top, or “man tanks” in sorority language. Usage: Today, I ordered a Melbourne Collegians (MC) sweatshirt, polo, and singlet with the MC logo on it.

One thought on “Teach me how to chicken

  1. Karen Began says:

    Wow Footy is intense! Yum on the chicken salad….my little cooker girl. Sounds like you are going to be a busy girl working, playing polo and having yummy dinners….Alicia’s always the Gogo girl!

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