Seems like they’re all a bit short handed

This afternoon, Chelsea and I hit the streets to find some sort of jobs. I was expecting the usual California job hunt with a conversation something like:

me: Are you currently hiring?
restaurant owner: no. sorry.
me: Okay! Well thanks!

The first place we walked into, called Elwood Food & Wine, said that they just had someone leave and could possibly hire one of us (and the guy’s eyes went from me to Chelsea and back to me as if he was funny). That wasn’t the most hopeful interaction for our first stop.

However, the next place was called Dandelion. Penni, the man we spoke with, said that they were currently short handed and would love to hire us if we returned with resumes. He also mentioned that at that restaurant people typically left up to 10% tips! (In Australia, and everywhere besides the US I think, it is really uncommon to leave a tip for any type of service.) So that would be nice to make a good wage and earn tips! Yahoo!


up to 10% tips at Dandelion!

We ended the day with seven places within the 5 shopping blocks that said to definitely come back with our resumes because they were a bit short handed. Hopefully the rest of the job finding process will be just as easy! My experience from Cucina Isabella and Tommy J’s is definitely going to help a lot!

Aussie phrase of the day: Good on you. Similar to “good for you”. Usage: Steve said, “well, good on you” when I told him that I slept for 9 hours on the plane flight to Australia.

6 thoughts on “Seems like they’re all a bit short handed

  1. Karen Began says:

    Good on you for job hunting!
    your momma

  2. Jane Sagehorn says:

    Alicia, sweet – Tell us about your room-mates please, and your schedule. Be sure to find the hydrangia (sp?) house at the Botanical Gardens. I remember it – all in bloom – as the most beautiful site in Australia. Have fun, love and keep us informed. XX Gram J

  3. Zack says:

    Lol Emma, G’s gf in town from France, said the same thing about tipping. She said about 5% max haha

  4. Ben says:

    Here’s a little history lesson…there used to be tips in France and other places…im sure Australia was one of them, but some people would leave and pay without tipping. So now the tip is included in the price…simple solution. Now everybody gets tipped no matter how badly the service is. Workers no longer need to work for a better tip since they get the same no matter what. So…that’s the reason Americans see many foreign countries as being snobby (aka. French people). Some foreign waiters do not seem as pleasant as American waiters because Americans must put on a fake appearance to get a better tip (Alicia, you are not a fake haha, you are genuinely nice!!).
    That being said, I prefer the American tipping system because it makes everybody seem friendly 🙂

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