Home Sweet Apartment

Talk about cramped. Two girls with two 50lb suitcases each crammed into a room with one dresser and a closet with no hangers (yet). It seems cramped in here now, but I know that once we get more settled in and completely unpacked, C and my room will be awesome.


The apartment is great! Tiny and just right for the three of us with a living room, small kitchen, small bathroom and two bedrooms. It’ll be a perfect apartment for five months.

Today we visited the grocery store, Coles, and I got out with just $50 of grocerys. Who said Australia was really expensive? you just have to know how to bargain shop like a champ! 🙂


Aussie word of the day: Brekky. Stands for breakfast. Useage: This morning Chelsea and I got brekky from the restaurant down the street from our hotel. 🙂

One thought on “Home Sweet Apartment

  1. Karen Began says:

    Your apartment is perfect! Fireplace, all the amenities and looks really cozy. Enjoy, 5 months is going to be another whirlwind.
    your momma

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