“Just Lift It!”

Two suitcases for five months.  It may seem easy because my water polo gear includes 5 swim suits, 2 latex caps, and 2 pairs of googles (all of which fit in a freezer-sized ziplock), but as a girl who likes her options of clothing, THIS WAS HARD TO DO!

I’ve managed to pack everything into two bags, weighing 48 and 49 lbs. (It helps that the suitcases are advertised as Feather Light, meaning all of the weight is coming from my clothing and accessories. Who knew clothes could be that heavy?)

Hopefully there is nothing missing!

2 thoughts on ““Just Lift It!”

  1. Corine says:

    Hi Alicia,
    Hope you have a safe and enjoyable flight. We are still in France visiting family and sights, and of course eating lots and lots of awesome food! Ben can’t wait to start biking again! Love reading your blog! Have fun!

    • abegan says:

      Hey!!! So good to hear from you! Ben has been sending me the most incredible pictures! wow! I’m jealous! He’ll be getting a ton of Aussie pictures in the next few days…make sure you ask to see them! 🙂

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